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Join our network to collaborate with the best affiliates and influencers, delivering high-volume, high-quality traffic to quickly grow your sales and profitability through cost-effective, performance-based marketing.
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Increase your profit in the most cost effective and profitable form of online advertising.  Performance marketing benefits all sides by putting your money where the sales are.
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Collaborate with quality affiliates and innovative influencers to maximize your brand’s reach, influence and profitability.
Grow Your Business With Influencer Marketing
Leverage ArabClicks’ strong relationships with leading Arabic and English Influencers, who promote your brand with the unique and innovative marketing content which only they can produce, to reach new customers, drive sales, and increase brand awareness.
360° Customer Services
Our local account managers provide real-time responses and solutions. From login to finance, our dedicated teams deliver hands-on support and guidance to ensure your maximal operational performance.
Payments Management
Take advantage of global affiliates without having to deal with the workload around paying commissions and communicating with individual partners. We do it all for you – you transfer one payment to us and we manage all transfers to the individual affiliates, influencers and other performance-based partners.
Anti-Fraud Systems
ArabClicks has a zero tolerance policy against fraudulent affiliates. Our advanced fraud prevention systems identifies complex fraud behavior in real-time so we can stop the transfer of commissions the moment fraud is detected.
Real-time Reporting
At ArabClicks you’ll enjoy robust and in-depth reporting. We optimize and measure all performance indicators so you can make the best real-time decisions based upon actionable data, maximizing the value of your digital marketing investments.
Integration, Web Services And Advanced Toolbox
Our high-end technological tools ensure your seamless integration into our system. Designed as a specialized solution and vetted for fast setup, our platform can easily meet your unique needs and requirements. We offer the most flexible and feature-rich user interface in the industry.
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